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Registering a sole proprietorship

1000 NOK

Enkeltpersonforetak (ENK), or sole proprietorship, is a popular option for entrepreneurs in Norway.

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Help with company registration AS

5000 NOK

This type of activity requires a minimum financial contribution of NOK 30 000.

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NUF registration

4000 NOK

A NUF is a subsidiary of a foreign company in Norway - assignments are carried out in Norway, but the company's registered office is located in e.g. Poland.

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Help with closing down a one-person company

1000 NOK

Closing down of a company in Norway must be reported to the competent authority and relevant documents must be submitted.
HMS course

880 NOK

HMS training is mandatory for employers, contractors using subcontractors and daglig leder.

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Authorisation for cleaning companies

1900 NOK

Any cleaning company that operates in Norway and is entered in the VAT register must be authorised.

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Renholdskort card

400 NOK

Renholdskort is an identification card that every employee in the cleaning industry is required to wear during work.

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Byggekort card

400 NOK

Byggekort is an identification card that every employee is required to carry when carrying out construction work.

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Tax return assistance

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Filing Skattemelding, the annual tax return in Norway, is the responsibility of employees and employers.

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Help with company accounts

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We are experienced in running both small and large businesses
Help with VAT registration

1500 NOK

Once the turnover exceeds NOK 50 000 in 12 months, the company is obliged to register with the MVA-registeret
Order a tax card

500 NOK

The tax card is the basis for the employer's deduction of advance tax. Without it you cannot work in Norway.
Changing company details

500 NOK

Entrepreneurs in Norway are required to inform the administrative authorities if their company details change.
Application for re-registration

400 NOK

When leaving the Kingdom of Norway permanently, we are obliged to inform the relevant administrative authority.
Hourly rate

650 NOK
Telephone / e-mail consultation

from 1000 NOK
Welfare Economics

Norway Consulting is involved in Welfare Economics projects.
Analysis of credibility of contractors

500 - 1000 NOK

We will check the Norwegian counterparty for you. You can choose between a STANDARD report and an AS report.
Application for S1 form

700 NOK (including MVA)

S1 (formerly printout E-106, E-109)

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European HELFO card

350 NOK
500 NOK for those with a D number

The HELFO card entitles you to necessary healthcare in EEA countries.
UDI - appointment scheduling

400 NOK

If you have been living in Norway for more than 3 months and are a national of an EEA country, you must register.
Virtual office - START package/month

1200 NOK

The Virtual Office service allows you to set up a company even if you do not have a permanent place of registration in Norway.

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Virtual office - PLUS package/month

2400 NOK

The Virtual Office service allows you to set up a company even if you do not have a permanent place of registration in Norway.

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